Cass County Sheriff Report

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Cass County Sheriff’s Office officials report the following calls and arrests:


Tuesday, Jan 1

Deputy James Rachel was dispatched to a home on Texas Highway 77 West near Atlanta regarding a disturbance. The caller said her daughter’s boyfriend was working on her daughter’s car radio and the music was too loud. She asked him to turn down the volume, the boyfriend got mad, cursed and began "throwing stuff around," and then he tore out a car speaker and threw it into the yard. He "had his fist drawn at (her daughter)" and the mother said she stepped between the two and asked him to leave her home.  Deputy Rachel told the man he must leave. When he could not find someone to pick him up, the mother drove him to a friend’s house, followed by the deputy.



Friday, Jan. 25

Investigator Terry Russell was dispatched to County Road 2355 near Marietta regarding a home burglary. The caller advised the home belonged to a deceased family member but the family is fixing up the house for another relative to live in. When she and her daughter arrived to do some work, they found someone had kicked open a door and it appeared they had been staying at the house. The case remains under investigation.


Monday, Jan. 28

Deputy Richard Lewis was dispatched to County Road 96 near Atlanta regarding the theft of several items from an abandoned home. The homeowner, who said she has not lived there for more than a year, reported someone stole three window air conditioning units and a refrigerator from inside the house, and a freezer, metal cabinet, treadmill and fence posts from the outside of the home. The case remains under investigation.

Larry Eugene Rogers, 29, of Atlanta was arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon. Rogers allegedly left a knife in an area between the Cass County Jail and the justice center "with the intentions of an inmate (court hearing) or a person(s) to take possession of to cause bodily harm or to commit a crime."


Tuesday, Jan. 29

A resident of County Road 4223 near Bivins reported someone stole a shotgun and two chainsaws from a storage closet in his room. He advised Deputy Bill Lawrence he had last seen his belongings on Sunday morning, and had only left his residence to go see his doctor on Monday.


Thursday, Jan. 31

Dennis Anthony Hamm, 19, of Bivins was arrested on a Cass County warrant for probation violation for possession of marijuana. Sgt. Eric Lee was dispatched to County Road 4223 near Bivins regarding a suspicious person and observed a vehicle, driven by Hamm, stopping and picking up pedestrians on the roadway.  Hamm could not provide a driver’s license, but a check with CCSO dispatch revealed the probation violation.

A resident of Sand Hill Road near McLeod reported someone stole an air impact wrench from his bedroom. Deputy Donnie Vallery was dispatched to the scene. The case remains under investigation.

A resident of County Road 2876 near Hughes Springs reported someone vandalized his truck while parked in his front yard. Sgt. Eric Lee noted damage to the window appeared to be from a pellet or small projectile.

A resident of FM 1399 near Marietta reported her daughter came home around 3:40 p.m. to find their front door kicked in. The homeowner told Deputy Don Davis the only missing item was a wooden jewelry box of costume jewelry.

A resident of FM 2791 near Atlanta reported someone stole a check from his mailbox earlier in January. He said he placed the payment in his mailbox but was contacted by the creditor on this date that his payment had not been received. He told Deputy Don Davis the check had never cleared his bank and may have been lost in the mail.

A Bivins woman reported someone stole her daughter’s car, which ran out of gas on Texas Highway 43 on Friday or Saturday. She told Deputy James Rachel she had not had time to report the incident until this date but that she heard someone was seen driving the 1997 red four-door Pontiac around Texarkana.

Deputy Ray Littlejohn was dispatched to a home in the 10000 block of Texas Highway 11 near Hughes Springs regarding a home burglary. The resident said she came home to find a door kicked in. Someone took costume jewelry from a jewelry box she kept in a closet. Nothing else was reported missing.

A resident of County Road 2348 near Marietta came home to find someone had kicked in a door to her home. There was heavy damage to the door but the woman told Deputy Ray Littlejohn nothing appeared to be missing.


Saturday, Feb. 2

An Avinger woman reported someone stole a heat pump unit from a rent house she owns on County Road 1601. She told Deputy Ray Littlejohn she last saw the heat pump on Jan. 31, but now it was missing from its concrete slab.

Deputy James Rachel was dispatched to County Road 3440 near Antioch after a resident reported a disturbance. She advised an acquaintance came to pick up some property she had left at her home but she brought two people with her who were not welcome. She asked them to leave and one of them said "he wasn’t going anywhere and she couldn’t make him leave." She said they left when she called the sheriff’s office. She advised the friend could have her property but to bring someone else to help her get it.


Sunday, Feb. 3

A family dispute during a road trip ended in Cass County when a Houston woman called 911 to report she was assaulted by her nephew on Texas Highway 8 north of Douglassville. The woman told Sgt. Eric Lee after her nephew attempted to turn down the car stereo she slapped him on the arm and he slapped her arm back. "Both parties had minor redness in the effected arms" and the driver advised she wanted her nephew and his mother out of her car.  Sgt. Lee transported them to the sheriff’s office to wait for someone to give them a ride to Jefferson County.

A resident of Lewis Street in Bivins reported seeing someone prowling around a vacant home across the street.  Deputy Richard Lewis and DPS Trooper Shane Lawrence secured the scene and found nobody in the area and no entry had been made to the home.

A resident of County Road 2874 near Hughes Springs reported his wife saw a man standing outside their front door, looking inside their home. He said he went outside and could not see anyone. He said his brother who lives down the road has had problems with people peeking into windows. Deputy Richard Lewis patrolled the area and surrounding county roads but could not locate anyone suspicious.

Rebecca Lynn Wood Buchholz, 42, of Queen City was arrested for public intoxication after she was reported sitting on a porch on County Road 3541. She told deputies she thought she was at the home of a friend but the homeowner advised he did not know her.


Monday, Feb. 4

A Bivins woman reported her bank account was apparently hacked while she was ordering pickles online. She said two deductions totaling $1,317.90 were made on her checking account from a firm located in California. She stated she had already contacted her bank but needed to make a criminal report.

A Mt. Pleasant man reported someone stole a tractor and 5-foot shredder from his deer camp located on County Road 2472 near Bryans Mill. He said a friend from a nearby deer lease called him to say someone was loading his tractor onto a trailer. He told Deputy Ronald Penny he came to the deer camp and found his property was missing.

A Douglassville man reported a female acquaintance who was dropped off at his residence this morning "began cussing him and tearing things up." By the time Chief Deputy Roy Barker and Deputy  Kenneth King arrived at the home on Community Drive, the woman was gone.

Robin Jolley Cole, 27, of Atlanta was arrested on a Panola County warrant for forgery of a financial instrument.

Michael Adam Warner, 25, of Texarkana was arrested for public intoxication. Deputy Richard Lewis was dispatched to the Cass County Adult Probation Office after someone reported a man may be intoxicated in the parking lot.


Tuesday, Feb. 5

A McLeod resident reported his house and storage building on County Road 4462 were burglarized while he was an inmate in the Cass County Jail. He advised he saw some of his belongings, including tools, at a friend’s home on Sandhill Road. Investigator Lisa Fleet and Deputy Bill Lawrence went to the friend’s home, also in McLeod, and the man advised he took property from the storage building  but he did not take anything from the residence. He "stated he was trying to be a good friend to (the complainant) and took the property so it would not be stolen." He advised he would return the property to his friend.

A business owner on County Road 4335 in Bivins reported someone stole an air compressor and tractor key from site sometime in the past two weeks.

A resident of the 13000 block of Highway 130 near Hughes Springs reported someone took items from his father’s shed. He said he has had problems in the past. This time an old jigsaw and a storm door frame were missing.


Saturday, Feb. 9

A Queen City woman reported she and her boyfriend are receiving harassing phone calls and test messages from two telephone numbers they do not know.

Residents of County Road 1766 reported they argued and the wife threw water on him and he pushed her away. The couple "agreed to separate for a time to cool off and see if they could work things out."

A Hughes Springs man reported his fiancé’s former boyfriend had been sending him text messages and calling him since Jan. 24. He said the man was being belligerent and threatening. He asked the deputy to call the man and end the harassment.

An Atlanta man reported several items were stolen from his deer camp on County Road 1779 near Kildare. The missing items include a deep cycle marine battery, extension cords and a camp box with several cooking items.


Sunday, Feb. 10

A Douglassville teen reported a cousin became upset and pushed him against a wall, causing a picture to fall off the wall. The assault occurred at his grandfather’s home on County Road 2338. He told Deputy Kenneth King he did not wish for any charges to be filed on his behalf.

A Queen City woman reported her son assaulted her at their home on County Road 3784. She said her son came into her bedroom, cursed her and pushed her. When she advised she was going to call the police, he picked up a "glass scalper" and threw it at her, hitting her on the left shoulder. Then he threw a bible at her but it didn’t hit her. To prevent her from calling for help, he took the telephone outside and when she went to get it, he hit her on the left wrist with a plastic lawn chair. Deputy James Rachel looked in the area for the man but was unable to locate him.

A resident of Texas Highway 77 West near Naples reported someone shot her dog in the left ear. She said she suspected a man who lives nearby but the man told Deputy Kenneth King he did not shoot her dog and he was at his residence at the time of the dog’s injury.

Robert Dwayne Ashmore, 41, of Atlanta was arrested for aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, following a family dispute at a home on County Road 4113.


Monday, Feb. 11

A neighbor reported a suspicious truck at a home on Texas Highway 77 West near Atlanta. She saw the red truck backed up behind the house, so she turned around and pulled into the driveway. The truck left the home and the woman followed it toward Douglassville, until it turned onto FM 96. Deputy Donnie Vallery met with the suspect at the intersection of 77 and 96 and the man said he paid $20 for some boat trailer lights. The property owner advised three trailer lights, two license plates, two marine batteries and a fishing rod were taken, but all of the items together weren’t worth $50. She advised the deputy it would be okay to ticket the man for theft under $50 and return the property to her. She also asked for a criminal trespass warning against the man not to return to her property.


Tuesday, Feb. 12

Investigator Terry Russell was dispatched to a church on Texas Highway 77 East near Smyrna regarding a suspicious person. The woman, who was from Oklahoma City, appeared to have mental issues. She said she lost her car keys somewhere on the church property. The church fed her and Sgt. Eric Lee transported her to a shelter in Texarkana. Sgt. Lee later spoke with the woman’s sister, who lives in Texarkana, and she advised she has not seen her sister since May 2012 and that she would contact the shelter and help her sister retrieve her, which was still at the church.

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