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A Mother’s Love
If I could count the times I’ve shed tears, I’d run out of numbers and run out of years. If I could count the times I’ve called out your name, I’d run away and hide in shame. If I knew you would be taken so suddenly, I’d fly you around the world and sail the sea. I’d tell you over and over again how much you mean to me, I’d comb your hair andmassage your feet. I’d buy you a rose for every day, I’d kneel down with you as we pray. A mother’s love is always the same, never changes through the good neither the pain. I thank you “Mother” for what you’ve taught me, to put God first and love unconditionally. I thank you God for theMother you’ve given me; I love you
Mom, “Rest In Peace”. Your kids,
Mario, Shandy and Audrey
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