Silsbee woman suspected of dealing drugs is arrested

Officers find meth, illegal prescription pills, paraphernalia and loads of cash

By Daniel Elizondo

A Silsbee woman is behind bars after police found excessive amounts of drugs including methamphetamine in her vehicle on Wednesday off of Old Spurger Highway in Silsbee.

Regina Kay Garsee, 48, was arrested by Hardin County Sheriff’s department and suspected to be a dealer after the woman’s vehicle was found with loads of illegal drugs and illegal prescriptions along with a large stash of paraphernalia and cash.

Hardin County narcotics officers had been aware of illegal activity from tips on Garsee for months.

On Wednesday, Hardin County sheriff’s deputy Matt Walters stopped Garsee on Old Spurger Highway south of McGallion Road on a traffic infraction.

According to Hardin County narcotics Sgt. Mark Vincent, Garsee admitted to officers that she had marijuana on her person.

Vincent and Sgt. Jesse Orr along with Walters, searched the Cavalier on a probable cause and found the loot and drugs.

“She was capable of living out of that car,” Vincent said. “There was food, water, and all kinds of drugs leading us to believe that she traveled a lot.”

Vincent said the search took hours because of the car being inundated with clothes and lots of stuff.

Officers found 19 baggies of methamphetamine equalling to an estimated total of 70 grams.

There were also smalll amounts of marijuana including cigarette boxes filled with “roaches” or half smoked pot cigarettes.

Also found were illegal prescription drug bottles with small amounts of various drugs including Xanax, Hyrdrocodone, Adderall, Clonazepam, Lorazepam, Valium and Oxycodone.

Police found a total of $1,939 in cash along with a wide array of drug paraphernalia including over 100 syringes.

“All signs point towards delivery,” Vincent said. “She admitted to being a user, but to have all that and the cash, there was definitely more motives.”

Bond was set at $139,000 on Garsee, who remains in Hardin County jail.

Vincent said this bust puts a damper on the heavy meth dealing that has been occurring around the north end of Silsbee.

Photos courtesy Mark Vincent, Hardin County Sheriff's Department

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