News Release from Silsbee ISD on boys basketball game

The Silsbee boys basketball game against West Orange-Stark will remain at West Orange-Stark High School with only varsity teams competing at a 6 p.m. start time.

West Orange-Cove ISD officials have confirmed extra security for the game, inside and outside of the facilities.

The Silsbee basketball team bus will be escorted to a secure parking space, and security officials will escort the team into the gymnasium.

There will be a separate designated area for Silsbee fan parking. Signs for Silsbee fan parking will be posted by the north entrance next to the Senior Cafe. The parking area will be at the north side of the campus by the tennis courts for Silsbee only.

Silsbee fans will use the 400 Hallway. A separate concessions area and restrooms will be designated for Silsbee fans only in the 400 Hallway.

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